Apr 22, 2016


You know when you've always wanted to try something, but didn't think you'd be any good at it, and just never did anything about it? That's me, wanting to plant succulents, but not having a clue where to start, not really enjoying any kind of home improvement store, and too lazy to do any research. That all changed this weekend when I received a succulent as a party favor for my bestie's baby shower (it was Jurassic Park themed, and so stinkin' cute). I couldn't very well not try to keep this thing alive. So, I texted one friend—she said they were easy to take care of, but then proceeded to tell me, google it. So, of course I got a bit more nervous. Turns out, these babies have to be potted a certain way: pebbles/rocks, Sphagnum moss, and soil required.

 choose your succulents

I had no idea there were so many variations of succulents. You can choose all green succulents or mix in some flowering succulents as well. Stick with similar hardiness if combining your plants into one pot. For instance, I made sure to choose plants that all took the same kind of watering. You can also choose different heights, and widths to build out your pot as well.
 select your pot

They say pots with good drainage are best, but I didn't like any of those. So, I plucked a tea cup from my makeup area that had been holding makeup brushes. I had the "Grow" pot lying around from a recent trip through the Target Dollar Spot (my plan was to put a fake plant in it).
 gather your planting supplies

Since my containers don't have drainage holes, I picked up a bag of rocks to place at the bottom of my pots. This allows the water to drain through the soil, to the rocks in the bottom and is supposed to prevent root rot. It was also recommended to add Sphagnum moss on top of the rocks to filter the water through to the rocks while keeping the soil from settling into the rocks. So, I added the Sphagnum moss on top of my rocks. Then, I added potting soil.
 break up the roots

The root systems on my plants were very thin, so I really didn't have to break up the roots, more than anything I just broke off the excess soil from the roots, so the roots could spread into the soil I had already added to the pot.
 don't water too often

The stickers on each succulent I purchased, says to "water thoroughly when soil is dry to the touch. The soil in the plastic pots the succulents came in was very dry. So, I did make sure to water thoroughly after I added everything to my pots. I've also read that the soil needs to dry out again completely before another watering. Basically, you have to trick the plant into droughts, so it'll be ready to take in, and hold water, the next time you thoroughly water the dry soil.
 indirect sunlight

Succulents don't need direct, overhead sunlight, so they are great as indoor plants. I have mine sitting on a tall dresser next to a window that gets afternoon light. I'm thinking that will be enough indirect sunlight for now, but I'm not opposed to moving the plants inside and out as needed.
I know starting something new can be challenging, especially the research. I've literally never cared for a plant in my life. So, this whole thing is very new to me. I didn't want the unknown to hold you back, if you've been wanting to try your hand at succulents. So, try out these tips or do a search on Pinterest for succulents. Then, we can either all grow succulents together or we'll all be succulent failures together. Either way, it'll be fun. I promise!

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