May 2, 2016

Julep Unboxing

I haven't done and unboxing post in a while, so I decided to use my April Julep Box that just arrived, and put up a new post. By now, I'm sure everyone has heard of or receives a monthly beauty box. Honestly, they are the best little gift each month. There's always something I'm looking forward to trying, and after a long day at work, it's nice to crack open a bottle of wine, unbox and play around with all the new goodies for an evening.

box details:
Nail Polish in April
Your Lip Addiction Lip Oil in Covet

One thing I love about Julep boxes is you have a few different options in how your box arrives. You can receive the box Julep puts together for you based on your beauty profile or on the 20th of each month, you can go in your account and fully customize the next month's box.
This month, I went the fully customized route. I wasn't really feeling the polish colors, so I swapped some items around, and ended up with the box above. It worked out perfect because I still received a polish in a color I hand-selected for myself, I received a face sponge, a lip oil treatment and little buffers that I threw in as an add-on. That's another thing Julep is really great about; you can select up to six add-ons, on top of the items that come in your box, and they pack it all together so you still receive free shipping.

Each month, you earn Jules, which are points with Julep. You can cash your points in for free boxes or use them to add free products to your box. This month, I also had enough Jules to pay for my box, so I think I paid $3.99 for the add-on of the buffers—a total deal if you ask me!
konjac sponge

your lip addiction lip oil

april julep box

Charcoal is everywhere lately in regards to skincare. It's so great for clearing up problem skin, and also works wonders for those of us with oilier skin. I saw this sponge a few times in other boxes, but never had it end up in one of mine, so I subbed out a polish this month and added the all natural facial konjac sponge to my box. It has exfoliating konjac root, plus detoxifying bamboo charcoal powder. It says to simply wet the sponge and massage in a circular motion; can be used with or without a cleanser. Rinse well, and squeeze out excess water when done, hang dry and do not wring.
I'm so excited about the your lip addiction lip oil treatment. It's tinted, yet helps moisturize your lips at the same time. The color I chose is covet, and it's a sheer, really pretty, natural looking lip with a tint of pink. So pretty, and so perfect for the warmer months because it does double duty without being too heavy or high maintenance.
I really love Julep polishes. They are right on the mark with Essie and OPI polishes, and are a little cheaper than polish at the drugstore, if your subscribe to the box. You typically receive two polishes and one other beauty item. This month, I picked the color April; it's a really pretty coral shade in their creme finish, which means it doesn't have shimmer in it, and it's not matte. So, it's the standard high shine kind of finish.
These little buffing blocks are my favorite, and so portable. If you need to be prepared to do your nails while out of town, these don't take up hardly any room. I put these in my box as an add-on this month. So, they wouldn't have been part of my box otherwise.
april julep box
Nail Polish in April
Your Lip Addiction Lip Oil in Covet

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