May 12, 2016

Nail Polish Organization + Favorite Products

I'm semi-embarrassed to show you just how large my nail polish collection has become. It's definitely not something I strived to grow, but a beauty subscription box that focuses on polish will do that to you, I suppose. I'm a huge fan of Julep polishes, and they've replaced almost all of my other polishes as time has gone on. Mainly because I pay $19.99 a month and get two full sized polishes and a full sized beauty product, which I love.

I was using this three bin storage solution for a long time, but it never truly felt organized, I didn't like using it, and at some point my collection just outgrew it. As you can see, total chaos in the photo above. The bottles outside the boxes weren't even in one of the boxes, but stuck in random nooks and crannies around my bedroom and bathroom. I was tired of the clutter everywhere and tired of not having a storage solution that worked for me.
I picked up this two level storage bin, and one pack of three trays to use inside to start, and that's actually all I ended up needing. First, I started by throwing out all the old polishes. Basically, any polishes that looked separated and wouldn't combine back together after a quick shake of the bottle, and also any polishes that turned colors or looked dried out. Opened bottles of nail polish don't last past two years, and unopened bottles can last indefinitely. Once you open them though, their on the two year cycle.
I knew I needed a place in one of the bins to corral tool type products, so nail polish remover, nail clippers, cuticle trimmer, nail file, nail buffer, base coat, top coat and drying drops. I wanted all of these together so I could get to them quickly and not have to root around to get them. I also thought it would be best to keep them contained with the polishes, so I had everything in one place. I love the Sephora polish remover, and it fits perfect in the bin and the top screws on tight, so I don't worry about it leaking.
Once I threw out all my old polishes, I started to organize the remaining polishes by brand and then color for my Julep polishes. If I want pink or red, I want to be able to see all of them at one time and choose a polish. That's where those purple trays came in handy. I used them to divide up the bins so nothing would slide around.

Essie Polishes | CND Vinylux Polishes
OPI Polish | Julep Polish
Julep Polish
Julep Polish

 Favorite Nail Products
Instant Nail Polish Remover
The Sephora Instant nail polish remover is my new favorite. It works instantly, like the bottle says, it doesn't dry out my nails, and the bottle fits nicely in the bin without dumping over or leaking.
Formula X "Prime" Base Coat
Hands down, the Formula X prime base coat is the best one I've used. It's thicker than other base coats, which is great for nail strength, it keeps the polish from staining my nails and it keeps my polish from chipping for a longer period of time. It's the only one I use with regular polish. I will use the OPI Infinite Shine base coat if I'm using an Infinite Shine polish though; it just seems to work better together.
Out the Door Topcoat

I will never use another top coat ever again. If you like Seche Vite, but don't like the formaldehyde in it, then this top coat is for you. It's super fast drying, as the bottle says (and it's no lie), it's a nice thick, shiny top coat, and everyone thinks my nails are fake or I have gel polish from the nail salon on. It's long lasting and I use it on top of every polish I have—even the CND vinylux polishes. It's that good!

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