May 21, 2016

Summer "Almost" all Drugstore Makeup Routine

Summer makeup is very no fuss for me. I try to keep it simple and natural looking. I typically have a bit of a tan and like for that to shine through without a thick layer of foundation or other products on my face. I do everything with a lighter hand, and I lean more toward glowy, fresh looking skin. I stuck mainly to drugstore products for this post, but these are items I already have an use on a regular basis. So, I did not go out and randomly pick up drugstore products to compile this post. As you'll see, I don't have drugstore products for each step of this look, and that's because I cannot find quality drugstore products for three of the products I use.

Sunscreen is probably the most important item to work into your summer makeup routine. However you do it, do it. A lot of foundations have at least SPF 15, but if you're outdoors all day, that's not going to protect you much. So, layer up your SPF with a sunscreen under your foundation. You could use straight sunscreen, but sometimes I find it doesn't mix well with foundation. So, I've been using the Garnier Clearly Brighter Daily Moisturizer and it's one of my favorites. It smells amazing, has a bit of a glowy, brightening look to it and my skin feels so soft after applying.

After that, I follow with the Pixi Eye Zone Brightener. This stuff is great for first thing in the morning or for a touch up brightener in the afternoon. Sometimes, the skin under my eyes needs a pick-me-up after staring at a computer screen all day. It adds a quick burst of moisture and helps brighten up that area.

I've been using the Maybelline Age Rewind under eye concealer for a few years now, and I only use the pinky shade; it's called the brightener. I don't use the actual skin tone colored concealers; only the brightener because it's the only one I like. It immediately brightens up my under-eye area and hides dark circles. I'd compare it to MAC's prep + prime, but much easier on the wallet.

I tend to watch beauty videos on Youtube when I can't sleep, and there were several demo-ing and reviewing the L'Oreal Lumi Cushion foundation. A few weeks back I picked one up while roaming Target (you know how that goes). The shade range is the best I've ever seen in drugstore foundation. The line has a cool, warm, and neutral categories much like your favorite beauty counter foundations. It makes it so much easier to choose your shade because you stick within your category and can then narrow down to the correct shade. I always rely on the neutral shades to balance out some redness I get in my face, so I picked up shade N3.5 and it's a perfect match. I use a Real Techniques stippling brush to apply, and it goes on beautifully. The foundation has a bit of a glow to it, which I love for summer, it's weightless feeling, and honestly it doesn't look like I'm wearing foundation. I look more like I'm walking around with the airbrush filter from Snapchat on my face. 
Now, the three products I can't find good drugstore substitutes for—at all. I still used my Dior Nude Air Powder to set my foundation. The only other powder I like equally to this one is the MAC mineralize skin finish. That one is a bit cheaper and just as great. As for the drugstore, I've got nada.

Next, I used Nars bronzer in laguna. Every drugstore bronzer or contour I've ever tried either looks orange and chalky or doesn't last as long as I need it to. So, I rely on my tried and true Nars bronzer. I do a quick swipe under my cheekbones, along the sides of my nose, around my hairline on my forehead and under jawbone to create a bit more definition along my jaw. I have a round face, so contour helps elongate my face a bit.

Last, I have been loving the Benefit blush in Dallas. It's pictured below, and it's just a gorgeous, natural, sun kissed plumy brown blush. It pairs nicely with the tan I've got going on, but yet doesn't look like I'm wearing blush. I just look like I have some color on my face, naturally from the sun. It's the perfect, no makeup, makeup blush. Again, I don't have a drugstore blush, so I used this one.

My all-time favorite liner is the Dior Pro liner and the Maybelline Master Precise skinny liner is a great drugstore option for the same look. It creates a super skinny line, glides on smooth, and lasts all day. Then, I follow up with a waterproof mascara for the summertime. I really like the Maybelline Pumped Up Colossal mascara because it doesn't clump or flake and it doesn't melt down my cheeks halfway through the day because it's too hot.

Last product is of course lip color. I am obsessed with the Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid lipsticks. If you've tried the latest Tarte liquid lip colors, the Maybelline is right on par. It doesn't last quite as long as the Tarte lipsticks, but the color pay-off and formula is fantastic. I have a few different shades, but have been reaching for this nude shade lately because it's no fuss and if I don't get around to touching it up, no one will notice.
Products Used:

L'Oreal Lumi Cushion (shade N3.5)
Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer (shade is brightener)
Nars Bronzer (Laguna)
Benefit Blush (Dallas)

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