Oct 5, 2016

Casual Creative Office

Office cultures and dress codes have changed so much with the rise of millennial workers, and we're pretty much throwing all stiff corporate vibes out the window. Let's be real, I was in college when Juicy Couture sweatpants were considered dressed up for English Lit. class at 9:30a on Tuesdays and Thursdays. So, when I graduated college and heard the word suit in the same sentence as interview I almost choked. The only business professionals I saw wearing suits were lawyers or bankers—I was neither.

I was so lucky to find a company that falls on the casual creative side of the spectrum, which is great for me on a personal level because I love clothes (if you couldn't tell based on this blog), and I don't like feeling stiff or claustrophobic in clothing, and that's exactly what suits and blazers on top of silk blouses and dress pants felt to me. Don't get me wrong, I love a good blazer; I just prefer mine paired with dark wash skinny jeans and a nude heel.

Most of the time, a casual creative office has more lenient dress codes, like jeans any day of the week, bright bold prints aren't frowned upon, and no one judges your shades of lipstick.

I tend to stick with a pair of skinny jeans with button downs, chiffon blouses or a sleeveless blouse with a cardigan or jacket. My shoes vary on whether it'll be a day I'm running all over the office (flats) or I know I'll be at my desk most of the day (heels or wedges). Some days, I'll throw on a dress, and when I'm really feeling blah—leggings and a long tunic because leggings can never be pants at the office.

What's your office dress code?

Tunic | Jeggings | Tote (similar) | Heels  (similar) | Necklace | Lipstick Prolong (Ruby Woo is similar) | Watch (similar) | Bangles

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