Oct 3, 2016

Weekend Peek | October 1-2, 2016

Wow! I honestly can't believe it's already October, but I'm so happy to see it. This is the time of year where things slow down a bit, holiday activities and family time kick into overdrive, the air is crisp, the food is great, and everything smells like pumpkin pie. I've been loving the Autumn Acoustic playlist on Spotify the past couple of weeks. It's nice background music for early coffee mornings or devotional time, and would be great for a rainy day of crafting or baking.

I've been a huge fan of Alex and Ani bangles for a few years. The colorful bead bangles have been my go-to as of late, and typically pair them with my Love Wrap bangle. I like the wraps and beaded bangles because nothing dangles from the bangle, which can get noisy at work. Every time I reach for my mouse or go to type on my laptop keyboard, it's like someone is dropping a pile of pennies down on my desk. Also, I can't get enough of the leather cut-out watch from Francesca's. It's so classic, but has a bit of edge with the laser-cut outs, and it's a nice large face too. Anything camel colored, I love because it goes with brown, black, or any color you're wearing.

To celebrate the first weekend of October, our local antique market held a Fall in the Field event, and it was packed to the gills with people, food, and great vintage and antique pieces. If only it had been a  teeny-tiny bit cooler, and I was walking around in boots, with a pumpkin spice latte in hand—hey, a Florida girl can wish.
My mom is the quilt hunting pro, and she's taught my sister and I the fundamentals of scouring the perfect quilt. As long as I can remember, my mom has always had quilts. My sister and I each had multiple quilts growing up because we'd sleep with them every night, and love on them, and then they'd get washed so many times that they'd fall apart. So, quilt hunting now, with my mom as an adult is such a fun moment and brings back so many memories.
Pumpkins have finally made their way into Publix, and I couldn't be happier. Yesterday, I was immediately hit with the scent of cinnamon brooms, and the sight of pumpkins ready to become a jack-o-lantern masterpiece. Honestly, is there a better time of year?

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