Nov 30, 2016

Holiday Gift Idea | Birchbox Subscription

I think what I like most about Birchbox, is that once a month I get five, fun beauty items in the mail, and not just junk mail and bills. I love seeing the hot pink box waiting for me in the mailbox, and I love being able to choose one product I know I want to try or let it be a complete surprise. For $10 a month, I get a fun treat in the mail that most often leads to a mini pamper session as soon as I get the box open. I know so many of my besties enjoy beauty boxes as well, so it makes it a great holiday gift option. Birchbox has made gift giving so easy! You can choose to gift a 3-month, 6-month, or 12-month subscription.

The first box can be filled with all of Birchbox's best sellers, and the remaining boxes are customized or a subscription gift card can be gifted, which allows the recipient to set their beauty profile from the start and receive a customized box each time.

You can't go wrong with either option. Personally, I like the subscription gift card because the recipient can choose when to start her subscription, can fill out her beauty profile before the first box is mailed, and she gets all sorts of customized goodies to obsess over.

The gift subscription comes with its own set of perks though too. The gift giver can choose to have the first, and all subscription boxes sent directly to the recipient or can choose to have the first box delivered to the gift giver, so they can personally deliver the first box. If the gift giver doesn't know the recipient's shipping address, Birchbox will email the recipient to get their shipping address. The first shipping date can also be selected, which makes this gifting option very customizable.
So, if you're struggling to find the perfect gift for a girlfriend and know she's beauty crazed, don't stress! Get her a beauty box subscription and the gift keeps on giving for as many months as you want! Trust me, you'll be her favorite. Oh, and don't forget about yourself! $10 a month for five beauty samples will feel like the most fun $10 you've ever spent.


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