Dec 14, 2016

Favorite "Work from Home" Pieces

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On the days I work from home, I'm all about comfort first. I like to feel ready for the day, even if no one is going to see me. There's something to be said about still getting up, getting ready, and getting dressed for the day—even if I'm just sliding on my favorite Lululemon leggings and a soft shirt.
By getting dressed enough, it allows me the capability of popping out during the lunch hour to run some errands or stop off at a cafe and work for a bit to change my scenery. It also comes in handy when I'm hopping up to change the laundry over every now and again.

I'm seriously obsessed with the Lululemon Align II pant. They are their "naked sensation" feeling pant, and I'll tell you—they are heavenly. I have a pair in solid black, and I seriously want more. I wear them at least twice a week as it is now. Don't be fooled by the shorter length either. I'm 5 ft. 7 in. and all legs. So, when I first saw them in the store, I was nervous that they were going to look cropped on me, but they are somehow—miraculously—a full length pant on me.

I am always quick to reach for a a long-sleeve Lululemon top as well. They are so soft and I love the loose fit of this one—it's my current favorite. I don't have to worry whether my butt is covered or not and I just feel put together.

If I head out to run errands, I always slip into my New Balance sneakers. They are super comfortable but not overly sneaker looking, which is great for errands.

I joke that my day hasn't happened if I don't have my Fitbit Charge 2 on my wrist. If there's no steps tracked—did the day happen? When I work from home, I tend to be much more stationary for longer periods of time, so I really like the hourly reminders to get up and walk 250 steps. Most times I'll do laps around the pool until I hit the 250.

My all time favorite lip plumper is the Dior lip maximizer. It doesn't burn or sting or smell of cinnamon, which I hate all those things in a lip plumper. It does have a bit of a minty scent to it and it really just smoothes out the lines in your lips and plump them a bit. I love this for days at home or running errands because I don't have to fuss with color, but I still get the added benefit of the plumping.

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