Dec 18, 2016

Gift Guide | Last Minute Gifts

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We've all been stuck in the stressful spot of last minute holiday shopping, but that doesn't mean the gifts have to be anything less than stellar either. The whole point of gift gifting is to show the other person that you care—and took the time to put some thought and effort into selecting the perfect gift. The amount of time you give yourself doesn't necessary have to translate to a gift card if you're shopping during the last few days up to Christmas.

Top 3 Shopping Tips for Last Minute Gifts
  1. Take a bit of extra time and sit down to think about what each person on your gift list enjoys or take a mental note of their personality. Use this to make a list of possible gift ideas they would like before you head to the mall. A list will keep you on point at the mall, instead of feeling like you're in a mad scramble.
  2. Click around on websites of some stores before you go to the mall. Get the "window shopping" out of the way, so to speak. You might actually find something specific online as the perfect gift—if you're still within the shipping dates for the holidays, save yourself the headache and buy online. Most stores will do gift wrapping for you, and don't charge an arm and a leg for it. If you're outside the shipping window or need it to put under the tree, print out the item and go to the mall. You will walk in knowing exactly what you're looking for, which cuts down on wandering time.
  3. The multi-small gift approach is one of my favorites. You can pick up smaller items like this journal from Anthropologie, and order this set of pencils from Etsy and you've got a really cute gift for the writer in your life.

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