Dec 28, 2016

Simple Habit | Meditation App

With 2017 right around the corner, I'm already thinking about goals and resolutions to set for the new year. One of the biggest things I need to wrangle is my stress and the anxiety that accompanies it.  Not every day is a total freak out, and not every day is anxiety-filled, but I've definitely become more self-aware of those days when they are happening and need to make better choices to curb the anxiety. One way I plan to do that in the new year is with more guided meditation. I always feel three million times better after a yoga class because I'm forced to quiet my mind, focus on my body, and my breathing. I never thought about taking my meditation outside of yoga until the Simple Habit contacted me to try a trial of their new app for meditation on the go.

Since installing the app, I keep it right on the front screen of my phone, and can click into it whenever I need a quick chill out. I like that I can choose meditations based on how much time I have. The options are five, ten, and twenty minutes on the app. So, all I have to do is select the time I have for meditation, why I'm meditating, and then plug in my headphones and go.

The app suggests using the meditations with headphones, which I completely agree with—they help you truly focus into the guided breathing without any outside distractions. I also recommend putting your notifications on DND. There's nothing worse than a guided meditation to relieve stress when you have text messages and emails dinging through every five seconds.
There are so many meditation options to choose from, which makes this app really unique. If I'm having a super stressful day, I've resorted to the "Tough Day" or "SOS" options, and both have helped so much.

On the days when traffic is super annoying, I'll stream a "Commute" mediation through my car bluetooth—I just keep my eyes open since I'm driving. The "Sleep" mediations are great for right before bed as well. I tend to struggle falling asleep, especially after a stressful day or a heated conversation—I run back through and overanalyze everything I said or didn't say, then I stay up all night. So, the "Sleep" mediations help calm my mind, and aid in better sleep for me.
The app also tracks your total mediation sessions, how many total minutes of mediation you've done and how many streaks of back-to-back mediations you have. This is especially great for someone like me, who is looking to become a bit more committed to mediation. Using this feature, I can see how much I'm actually working the guided meditations into my daily life.
There is also the option to use the meditations on the Simple Habit website, which is great while you're at work. Plug your headphones into your laptop, close your eyes and breathe for five minutes. I won't say it's better than an afternoon cup of coffee, but paired with the coffee, it might be just the boost you need to finish out your day.
The mediation options are endless, as you'll see on the Home screen of the app and the website.
If you want to give the Simple Habit a try, go for the "Simple Habit Starter", which gives you a good glimpse at the different offerings. But again, there are so many options to choose from.

I've been using the app on and off for a few weeks now and have really enjoyed it. I'm definitely making guided meditation more of a goal for 2017.

This post is sponsored by Simple Habit through
the gift of a two-week trial to  try out all 
areas of the app. All opinions are my own.

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