Dec 20, 2016

Skincare for Your 30s

My mom always raised me to treat my skin right. So, from a very early age I remember her instilling in me the importance of washing my face (at that point it was just with a wash cloth soaked in warm water), applying sunscreen, and taking care of my skin so it would last me as long as I'm on earth. Before entering middle school, she took me to the Clinique counter, which was the most popular for girls my age in the late 90s. I still remember that skin diagnosing slider chart they used to determine what kind of skin I had. I walked out with face wash, toner, moisturizer and a blemish treating serum, which was perfect for my oily skin especially since I also played sports in school. While I don't use that particular skincare line anymore, it did show me how important skincare was and that has continued as I've grown older.

Most of my twenties, I focused heavily on prevention. So, I used and still use a lot of rejuvenating and boosting products. I think the biggest thing I've noticed in my skin lately is dryness. I have oily spots, but at the end of a long day at the office my skin somehow feels dehydrated. I can feel it around my eyes mainly, but my skin just looks different at the end of the day as opposed to when I first wake up in the morning.

what i look for: eyes
moisture | anti-aging prevention | brightening

Wrinkles around my eyes are my biggest concern right now. Preventing them, softening the fine lines that already exist and protecting my vision. I've lived in Florida my entire life, and the sun can be absolutely brutal during the summer months. I always have sunglasses on, even if it's cloudy because cloudy causes a glare, which makes you squint, and squinting leads to wrinkles. Sunglasses are also UVA/UVB blockers, so they prevent the skin around your eyes from harmful rays caused by the sun. So, if you do nothing else—wear sunglasses.

I also make sure I have sunscreen in any face products I put on my face. Sunscreen is so important when it comes to protecting your face. Even if you sit in an office all day, chances are you have a window close by or venture out for lunch.

When it comes to my actual skincare routine, I rely on drinking at least 64oz. of water everyday, but I seriously try to hit the 128oz. mark. Water makes a big difference in the texture and health of your skin. So, the more water you drink, the better your skin looks and feels. If your skin is feeling a bit crepey and dry, up your water intake for a few days and you'll see a huge difference. I also incorporate oils, serums and creams into my skincare routine as well. The more moisture you can deliver to your skin, the stronger the elasticity becomes, which lessens your chances of wrinkles. 

I use eye cream day and night. I always use Origins Ginzing Eye Cream in the morning before I apply concealer, and I use Kiehl's Eye cream with Avocado at night, which is so heavenly! On Black Friday, I popped into the Kiehl's store because I just didn't feel like an eye cream was doing it anymore. I felt like I needed something—more. I cringed when I asked the girl what I could layer with the avocado eye cream because I just felt like I needed more help. She ran me through all the different options, but said to get the best results and the best bang for my buck I should consider trying the Hydro Plumping Re-texturizing Serum Concentrate. The serum can actually be used on the full face too, not just the eye area, so the fact that it's a multi-player product is what sealed the deal for me.

what I look for: face
oil production balance | even texture | hydration | anti-aging prevention
Like I mentioned above, drinking plenty of water is key. It's the base for any skincare routine. So, with that, I also make sure I'm selecting products that aim to achieve what I need with my skin. I'm on the oily side of the spectrum, but know if I use too much of an oil toning product, and my skin gets squeaky clean, my oil production will skyrocket, which defeats the purpose of oil control in the first place. So, in the morning, I'll use my oil controlling products; I'm obsessed with this Basin White bar, which isn't specifically for the face, but I find it works great for me in the morning. After that, I use a light moisturizer and the eye cream I mentioned above.

At night, I try to use gentler products that aren't so stripping of my skin. I use the nights to pack on moisture and oil, which actually tells your oil production to slow down. I know it sounds crazy to put oil on oily skin, but it has worked wonders for me.

Night time skincare routine:
Kiehl's Face Wash
Sundy Riley Martian Toner (new favorite!)
Fresh Vitamin Nectar Vibrancy-Boosting Face Mask

This post contains my own opinions and what works
best for my skin and its needs. I am not an expert, so what works
for me, may not work for you.

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