Dec 13, 2016

Top 7 Essential Oils in My Collection

I've been dabbling with essential oils for a while now, and I've come to the realization that I'm not going to be the girl that goes full-blown oil by using them to cook or clean or brush my teeth with (I think that's actually a thing). I do have a list of favorites I use for various reasons with a diffuser. I've found that a lot of the oils are great for anxiety relief and elevating my moods. While I wouldn't say I struggle with anxiety in an extremely serious way, I do have mild attacks every now again and if my stress levels get too high. I never really knew how to deal with anxiety, other than to try and let it pass. Now, I use essential oils at the office—especially on super stressful days—and will diffuse a calming blend in my car when I'm in commuter traffic and feel myself stressing. I'm sure what works for me won't work for everyone, but here's my top 7 essential oils and the various reasons I use them.

Lavender: Typically, I diffuse lavender at night, before bed, when I'm watching television or reading a book. It helps me chill out, find a zen place, and helps trigger my brain to start shutting down for the night. I have the tendency to lay in bed half the night while my mind races—especially when I'm stressed out or had a fight with someone and keep replaying the conversation in my head. Lavender keeps my overanalyzing to a minimum.

Patchouli: Patchouli has a grounding affect for me. It makes me think of Asheville. It's very earthy and calming for me. I don't like it so much on its own in the diffuser, but I really like mixing it in with lavender or wild orange. Sometimes, I'll put a few drops of all three, and it's heavenly!

Lime: I mainly use lime at the office. It's a mood boosting oil for me. So, when I hit the 3 o'clock slump and shouldn't have another cup of coffee, I'll diffuse this instead and it really helps perk me up. I have a smaller USB diffuser at the office, so I'm able to stick it right next to my monitor and get the full affect of the oil due to close proximity. I also really like to add a drop of lime to my ice water. It helps add a splash of flavor to water, which can get boring if you're aiming for 128 oz. every day. It also helps provide antioxidant support.

Balance: I love this one to help with relaxation and traffic. I have a small USB diffuser in my car that sends out small puffs of oil every so often, and it's just the right amount of scent for the small space of a car. This one has a very calming affect on me, so I use it mainly to decrease stress.

Lemon: This is another mood boosting oil for me. On the days I work from home, I'll diffuse this first thing in the morning to help wake me up and boost my mood. I'm not a morning person, so I'll take anything I can get. I'm sure the people around me in the mornings are grateful too.

Purify: Odor control is the main reason I use and love purify. If my car smells wet after a downpour or there's a strong odor lingering in the house after something I've cooked, purify seriously clears the air. I've also added a few drops to a damp rag and thrown it in with my towels to get them really fresh and clean smelling.

Wild Orange:  I don't typically use this one alone for anything, but it's a great mixer with some other oils. Typically, I'll mix with lavender and patchouli if I'm in a funk. I've also mixed with balance before, which smells like sunshine in an evergreen forest—if you could bottle that smell, of course.

All oils listed above are Doterra.

Diffusers I Use and How:
I use the Doterra petal diffuser in the house. It's main home is my bedroom because I use it in there nightly. I'll move it around to other rooms in the house though, depending on what I'm doing.
I use this Young Living USB diffuser in the car. It's a bit annoying to use the dropper to fill the tiny vial—especially because you really can't do it in the car. So, on long car rides you'd have to stop, refill the tiny vial (praying you don't spill the big bottle when the tab is pulled out) and put it back together. I keep mine on the lowest setting for puffs, and with commuting morning and evening, I can get about three days out of it.
I keep this small USB diffuser at the office. It runs on a four hour cycle when filled to the line, which is perfect. I only have to refill once a day if I need to run it for the entire day. Otherwise, I'll typically fill up and run after lunch to help with the afternoon slump.

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