Feb 1, 2017

Spotify Playlists On Repeat

I'm the first one to get in a music funk. I have music playing at least eight hours a day while I work, I listen to music to and from the office in the morning, and then I listen to music when I'm working on other things at night. So, if I hear a song on repeat or I'm just not into a certain style, I'm quick to change the song, and go on the hunt for something else.

I can bounce around from country, to 90s music, to ghetto rap and a messy top knot quicker than you can blink your eyes. So, I've accumulated a decent sized assortment of both Spotify created playlists and my own. So, if you're in a music funk, take a scroll below. Also, be sure to leave me a comment telling you which playlist is your new fave!

Top Spotify Playlists to Recover from a Music Funk

Perfect for the upcoming month of love

Your ghetto ATL fix

Most songs don't have words, so perfect for concentration

I play this a lot when working on my novel—it evokes the mood I'm trying to write in

All the best new releases and top hits from country artists

All the best and most random songs that made the 90s awesome

When you need some girl power anthems blasting in your ears—works good for Mondays too

All the Chainsmokers' songs in one place

Not sponsored in any way. Just wanted to share.

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