May 5, 2017

Coffee Conversations | 01

Life Update
It feels so good to finally get back into a routine. I don't know what it is, maybe it's because I've never moved out of state before, but moving is a huge stronghold over your life for more than just the actual moving process. I've been in Tennessee just over a month, and I'm just now starting to feel like I'm hitting my groove. I know what days I like to go to Target (not weekend afternoons) and I've memorized the layout of the grocery store a bit better. Plus, for never being a checkout girl at a grocery store, I'm getting pretty good at the whole self-checkout thing. If all else fails, right?

Blog Update
It felt so good to get some new content up this week. I have missed sharing outfits, beauty products and everything in-between. This week I shared all about Scent Trunk and their amazing spin on monthly beauty subscriptions. Plus, I shared my outfit from my Sunday exploring Ponce City Market. If y'all have Atlanta on your "to visit" list or live near Atlanta, you have to add Ponce City Market to your plans. Not only is the shopping top notch, but I could literally spend all day in the food hall. I'd be way to full and someone would need to roll me out of there, but there are food options from practically every continent—or so it feels.

What I've Been Loving Lately:
Venti Iced Vanilla Lattes
Grilled Chicken on top of Parmesan and Garlic Couscous, with feta, kalamata olives and sriracha
Cool evenings on the balcony with a good book (currently reading: The Space Between Sisters) and a glass of wine
Working on my first novel (you can follow my writing progress here)

Looking Forward To:
Mother's Day at home with my family
Asheville family vacation
NYC for Labor Day (send me recommendations, I've NEVER been)

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