May 12, 2017

Coffee Conversations | 02

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I'm struggling to grasp the fact that it's the middle of May. It's been such a busy month so far, and will only continue to be busy until mid-June. But guess what? I'm totally okay with that! This month's theme seems to be exploration and travel.

I discovered my absolute new favorite breakfast spot in Chattanooga. Neidlov's Breadworks might actually complete me. If you could sum me up in one restaurant, I would be Neidlov's. Their homemade cinnamon rolls are to die for amazing and I'm obsessed with their croissant sandwich. Seriously, if y'all come to Chattanooga—go to Neidlov's. They are closed Sundays, but the place is seriously crawling on Saturday mornings, and if you're like me, you'll get two cinnamon rolls to go.

As soon as I moved here, I started to see Lula Lake Land Trust pop up all over my Instagram feed. They are only open to the public on open gate days, which are the first and last Saturday and Sunday each month. Last weekend, I made it a point to get there on Saturday since it was open gate day. There is seriously nothing that can prepare you for the breath-taking site of Lula Falls. It's a huge drop, and with all the rain lately, it was thundering into the pool below and a fine spray was filtering into nearby trees. It was one of the most amazing moments I've had.

I've spent a lot of time working on my novel at Frothy Monkey in Southside Chattanooga lately. It's a great spot for food, cocktails and coffee. I love going right after work, settling in at one of the large tables, so I can spread out my junk and order dinner and a a glass of wine. Which I then follow up with an iced latte or drip coffee to keep the words flowing. I love that I can sit down at one place, and get everything I could possibly want. It beats going to a bar and then moving to a coffee shop any day.

I'm hopping on a late night flight out of Atlanta to head home for Mother's Day and my momma's birthday weekend. At first, I didn't think I'd make it home until Thanksgiving, but my family rocks and made it happen!

Next weekend, I'm planning on a day trip to Nashville. I haven't been since the spring of 2013 and that's just too long ago. I can't wait to meander the city. I actually really want to get back to the Country Music Hall of Fame to see the Alabama Band exhibit. I grew up listening to them, so it would be amazing to experience the exhibit.

Toward the end of the month, I'm heading to western North Carolina for our annual summer kick-off trip. This year will be different since I'll be driving the few hours from Chattanooga to the NC mountains, but I can't wait to see the area from a completely different viewpoint. The Smokies might possibly be my favorite, so being able to cut through them along the TN/NC border will be fun.

Other things of note:
I have mourning doves that have nested in my large pot of salvia on my apartment balcony. I'm still not 100% thrilled with their chosen location as it limits my use of my own balcony, and I don't want my presence to drive off the parents before the eggs have hatched. I checked on Monday, and there is one egg in the nest, and apparently mourning doves lay two eggs. So, we'll have to watch and see. After tons of Googling, it seems bird babies should be arriving around mid-June.

I can't find a couch I like to save my life. So, I'm still watching television from my spot on a twin-size air mattress. So, I need y'alls input: leather or fabric? At first I was leaning toward fabric because of all the color options, and I didn't think I wanted a brown leather couch. Now, however, I'm thinking about the ease of being able to wipe clean a leather couch and brown seems like the best option since it's neutral enough to go with anything else I've got. Part of me feels weird for being almost two months in and no couch, but I'm not the type of gal to rush a big purchase. So, until then, it's popcorn and red wine on the air mattress for Scandal each week.

Speaking of Scandal, I honestly can't believe I didn't start watching the show when it first came out. I binge watched every episode on Netflix, so when the new season started a month or so ago, I was able to jump right in. I realize I was a total couch potato as I binged every episode each night when I got home from work, but it sure beats having to wait an entire week to learn more!

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