May 1, 2017

Scent Trunk Perfume

Perfume is one of the most personal beauty items a woman can purchase—or have purchased for them. I think that's in large part because scent is directly tied to memory. It's why women find a special perfume for their wedding, and then only wear it on date nights and anniversaries afterward or why they choose to wear the perfume from their first date on their wedding day. Every day after that, the scent will remind her of her wedding day.

I always aim to find my signature scent, one no one else I know wears, and will remind others of me when they catch the scent passing by their noses. Finding a signature scent at the perfume counter, however, can be difficult. I struggle to sniff bottle after bottle, scent test it with my body chemistry, and make my way back to the perfume counter a bit later once I see how it's mixed with my chemical make-up.

That's where Scent Trunk comes into play. Scent Trunk creates a completely customized and personal scent for each individual

The fit kit is so fun! I highly recommend making the night a full on at home pampering session. I put on this Express cutout sweater and some Lululemon align II leggings, washed my makeup off and applied the Dr. Brandt Magnatight Face Mask and then poured myself a large glass of wine.

The fit kit contains six mini-rollerballs, each with a different scent, which is noted on the blue sheet that comes with it. The instructions stated to open the first rollerball, smell it, and then apply it to your skin. I waited a few seconds to see how the scent would react with my body chemistry before smelling it on my skin. Then, on a scratch sheet of paper, I noted whether I loved the scent, liked the scent, or didn't like the scent at all.
I repeated the same steps for each rollerball, making sure I rolled the scent onto my skin in different locations, so the other scents wouldn't mix or alter the new scent. At the end of smelling all six scents, I had three scents I loved: citrus, woods and floral.
I then hopped onto the Scent Trunk website to take their scent test. After signing up, I went through and rated all six scents on their website. This tells their perfumers what scents I loved, liked, and didn't like at all. Then, Scent Trunk used my results to create a personalized perfume just for you.
It didn't take long after I finished my scent test that my personalized fragrance arrived. They send a thirty day supply of your personalized perfume for $11.99. So, when you run out or before you run out you pop on their website and re-order your perfume again. With most of the designer perfumes running over $100 for a bottle, this is a great way to get a completely unique scent made just for you at a very affordable price.
My scent, Citrus Floral 1, was created by Sarah McCartney in the UK. The personalized note from the perfumer calls it a refreshing citrus scent with hints of invigorating herbaceous notes. On the back of the card I found out the top notes of my perfume were bergamot mint and lime blossom. The middle notes were almond, bergamot, iris, and hay. And the base notes were woods and musk.
When I saw that lime blossom was a top note in my personalized perfume I was sold! I actually love diffusing lime in my diffuser because of the fresh, invigorating, energizing scent. I never thought to look for it in a perfume, but Scent Trunk's perfumer worked it in and it's amazing! It's a great weekend afternoon perfume for spring and summer. It's light and airy with a hint of spice, which I love in perfume.

The post is sponsored by Scent Trunk. All opinions are my own.

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