Jun 13, 2017

Raw Hem Skinny Jeans

What I love most about a late spring trip to the North Carolina mountains is the still cool temperatures of late May. Packing, it's hard to wrap my mind around 70s during the day and 50s in the evening, but I love a cozy cardigan and body hugging, comfortable skinny jeans with a bit of originality.

I'm absolutely obsessed  with Nordstrom Rack. I feel like it's the one good place to actually get designer staples at an affordable price. At Nordstrom Rack, I always find things I previously saw during late night scroll sessions on Nordstrom's website, but never let myself purchase at full price. These Joe's Jeans raw hem, distressed jeans are case-in-point. Full price, these jeans run $189, but at Nordstrom Rack, I feel like I stole them at $89 (now currently under $50).

These jeans are my hands-down favorite jeans I've ever worn in my entire life. They hug my straight frame (small torso, no hips), they have the perfect amount of give and stretch without stretching out throughout the day, and the cut of the waist gives off the appearance that I do in fact have hips—which I've been trying to create the illusion of since high school.
My arrowhead necklace from Isle Coast is one of my favorite jewelry pieces and probably wear it at least three times a week. It's so easy to throw on with a plain t-shirt or jersey knit dress.

Items Shown:
Bar Necklace: Lat & Lo
Arrowhead Necklace: Isle Coast
T-shirt: Express
Tote: Cuyana
Cardigan: Old Navy
Lipstick Berry Misbehaved: Maybelline
Sandals: Jack Rogers


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