Jul 4, 2017

Needle-free Wrinkle Product

Wrinkles have been on my mind lately—maybe because I'm closer to thirty-one than thirty or maybe just because I'm hyper aware of my skin. Either way, I was on a mission to find something to help with expression lines on my face that wouldn't require a needle of any kind or botox. Then, Frownies fell in my lap.

Frownies Forehead and Between the Eyes Facial Patches
I'm the type of person that shows every thought or emotion in my face. I can't lie because my facial expressions give me away. And pretty much every facial expression involves a furrowed brow, which has created a bit of a deep line in my forehead.
What I love about Frownies is the ease of use with the product and the overnight results. I know instant gratification is hard to believe in the beauty world, but after trying these strips out for a few weeks now, I definitely see a difference each morning after use. This product is so easy to use, so let's get into it.

After completing your normal nightly skincare routine: wash your face, apply your toner and apply your moisturizer, serum or face oil anywhere that you aren't going to put a Frownie strip.

Step one: spray the Frownie strip with the rose water hydrator (you can also use MAC's facial spray or Mario Badescu's rose water spray) until it's pretty saturated.

Step two: with one hand, use your index finger and middle finger to stretch out the wrinkle you will be applying the strip to, but don't tug too tight. While holding the wrinkle taught, apply the saturated Frownie strip over the wrinkle and press down.

Step three: remove your index and middle finger and smooth the Frownie strip onto your skin and hold for thirty seconds. 

Step four: go to sleep and then remove the strip in the morning.
The rose water hydrator is what helps the strip adhere to your skin. The strips work overnight to pull the set line back up to even out with the skin around it. After each use, I can see the line on my face, which is typically pretty predominant, has lessened and isn't as noticeable. Results typically last throughout the day and overtime, multiple applications should reduce appearance of lines longer.
Most line reducing creams, facial treatments and other products are quite expensive, but for $19.95, which gets you an 8-16 week supply (it depends how you use the strips as to your supply level) you really can't go wrong with Frownies.

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This post was sponsored by Frownies,
but all opinions, photos and text are my own.

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