Dec 4, 2017

Sweet Dreams, I Love You: A Christmas Bedtime Story Tradition

Children's Christmas bedtime story
A few Decembers ago, my mom finally saw her dream of becoming a published author come to life. Now, her book has become a Christmas bedtime story tradition for so many families and it's still so fun to hear stories from people whose children have loved it.

Book summary:
As the moonbeams dance through her bedroom window, a young girl named Sara finds herself face-to-face with a small mouse named Missy. A mouse who, along with her family, has been living in the young girls attic. With each passing night, Sara grows closer to Missy and the rest of the mouse family. That is, until the mouse family mysteriously disappears. Sara must rely on her sister's help to find the mice and bring them back in time to celebrate Christmas. But, will Sara and her sister be able to find Missy and the others in time?
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