Dec 22, 2017

Travel with Me: Christmas at Biltmore Estate

Christmas at the Biltmore Estate has been on my bucket list for years, but we always seemed to miss the start of the holiday season at Biltmore by mere days. Our fall trip this year, however, ran into the first few days of November, so it worked out perfect to kick off the Christmas season with twinkly lights and Christmas trees in every room.

We've seen the Biltmore Estate at various times throughout the year, but Christmas really is the best time of year, if you ask me. Each room is covered head to toe in lights, garland and Christmas-y things.

The best tip I have is to get an early tour time for the house, like one of the first slots of the day early, because you find yourself walking into empty rooms. This is the first time we didn't feel rushed or overwhelmed by crowds piling into rooms with us.

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