Jan 7, 2018

7 Positive Tasks to Start This Year Fresh

The beginning of each year focuses heavily on personal reflection, goal setting and resolutions, and improved wellness for the following year. During my self reflection period, I always free write a long list of anything and everything that comes to mind; it ranges from getting a house cleaner to come in once a month for a deep clean, make my work-week lunches at night, and getting up fifteen minutes earlier during the week to have a peaceful morning. The list tends to focus on more long-term focuses for the year, but there are seven things we can do this week to start the year off on a positive note—clean, clutter free, and wellness focused.
7 Ways to Start the New Year Fresh (and clean)
Monday—Focus on purging.
Focus your attention on removing items from your closet, bathroom, kitchen, and garage you no longer need. Make a "Trash" and a "Donate" pile for each section of your home your purging. The trash section is for items that are broken or too dirty or old to donate. The donate pile should be focused on clothing and shoes that are in good condition, appliances that still work but you don't use, and blankets, sheets or towels that are still in good condition. The blankets, flat sheets, and towels are always welcome at Humane societies for keeping animals warm during the winter and gives them beds to sleep on.

Tuesday—Donate your stuff.
After you've purged your home of everything you don't use, make your donation drop-offs to alleviate the piles from your home and allow others to start enjoying your gently used items. If you donate items to Goodwill or a Humane Society you can get a receipt to file with your tax documents during the next tax season as well.

Wednesday—Deep clean.
Now that you've purged your home from unwanted items, and made your donations, your home should be feeling more manageable to you now. If you purged a lot of items, your home may even feel a bit sparse—this is a good sign. With all those piles gone, it's a great time to deep clean your home. Break out the duster, the vacuum and mop, the counter cleaner and furniture polish. Start from the top and work your way down, saving the floor for last, so you can brush everything onto the floor and clean that last. If you've been thinking about refreshing your kitchen and live in the Atlanta area, now is the time to look into Premier Surfaces for custom countertops to instantly update your kitchen and provide a clean slate for the New Year.
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Thursday—Energize yourself.
If you aren't too sore from the cleaning on Wednesday, use Thursday to refocus your energy on exercise and energy. Get out for a walk and some fresh air. If it's too cold, hit the gym or try a new group class like a barre or yoga class; if you're looking for a higher intensity class then give spin class or an Orange Theory Fitness class a try. Keep trying new ways to exercise until you find what you like best.

Friday—Recenter on self-care.
Soothe your sore muscles in a hot bath, practice meditation or pour a cup of hot tea and curl up with a good book. However you decide to focus on self-care, add a face mask—it makes all the difference in the world.

Saturday—Make health a priority.
Some farmer's markets, in warmer climates, are open year-round. If you don't have a farmer's market, make your way to the grocery store and retrain your focus to healthy, filling foods that energize you from the inside out. I always keep chicken breasts and spring mix salad on hand for quick, healthy dinners. I love making chocolate, peanut butter and banana smoothies for breakfast and since I hate most vegetables (I know, I'm weird) I am constantly looking for ways to introduce them into my meals without having to taste them, which a lot of times consists of a greens vitamin from the vitamin store or a green smoothie that tastes nothing like spinach.

Sunday—Device cleanse.
I won't lie to you; this might be the most difficult item on the list. Our lives are so tightly weaved with our devices. From family and friends to social media, email, and Googling all the things—it can be extremely hard to separate from our phones. My suggestion is to start slow; aim for placing your phone on airplane mode or "Do Not Disturb" for two hours. See what you can get done without the constant buzz of your phone. I give major props to anyone who can go a full day without checking their phones. For some, however, that just isn't a feasible option. If it's not, set a device free time that works for you.

How do you start the New Year off in a positive direction? Comment below!

This post is sponsored by Premier Surfaces, but as always, all opinions are my own.

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