Jan 16, 2018

January 2018 Reading List

For the entire month of January, I've focused heavily on wellness and doing activities I specifically want to do for myself that I don't always get the chance to or make the time to do. Reading more books was high on my January to-do list because I hadn't made any time for it toward the end of 2017. Audible credits were piling up, as was the stack of unread books next to my bed and I couldn't be overloaded with book guilt any more.

It's below freezing almost every day here, so what better time to work through my book pile, right?
Blue Ridge Sunrise by Denise Hunter
If you are a Hallmark movie junkie, like me, then you have come across Denise Hunter's work before without realizing it. Hunter wrote December Bride, which Hallmark Channel then turned into a Christmas movie. This book does fall into the Christian-fiction genre, but I never found it overloaded with cliches or thought it was not genuine. The Christianity wasn't forced in the plot nor did it feel dropped on the reader. It had a nice subtle undertone. I finished the book in two days—a weekend actually—and now I want to pick up the other book in the series, Honeysuckle Dreams.

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck by Mark Manson
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I'm sure it probably isn't great to follow up Christian fiction with a book that has an expletive in it, but such is life—it's all about balance. I've had this book for quite a while, but when it comes to non-fiction books in the self-improvement genre I really have to be in the right headspace to sit down, read it, and be self aware enough to do the work the book suggests. I just hadn't been in that place mentally yet, but I've seen so many great reviews on the book lately, including Brighton the Day. It's on my reading list this month though.

Single State of Mind by Andi Dorfman
Available on Amazon Prime
To be honest, I wasn't going to buy this book. I didn't read her first book and celebrity memoirs aren't my thing. I was surprisingly impressed with her book marketing efforts the past few weeks and saw other former Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants receive Andi's book promo package, and y'all it was perfection! So, I downloaded a sample, read it and then bought the book. Maybe it's because I too know what it feels like to pack up all your belongings, leave everything you've ever known, and move somewhere to start over and find yourself. Andi's first line, "It's been a mere two hours since I boarded this plane, said farewell to life as I knew it in Atlanta, and took the terrifying first step toward my new life," was reminiscent of the exact thoughts running through my head as I crossed the state line of Florida and headed toward Tennessee.

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